Thursday, September 9, 2010

RICHGIRL - Behind The Scenes of the Swagger Right Videoshoot

Here are some photos of RICHGIRL behind the scenes of the video for their latest single burning up the airwaves "Swagger Right" ft. Fabolous & Rick Ross. This song is an immediate attention grabber and definitely worthy of a video to display the skills of this extremely HOT Girlgroup. You be the judge!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jesse Idol - Movie Night (Official Music Video)

Rarely do I get a chance to see the journey of a very young artist in the game, but Jesse Idol has taken the NY/NJ area by storm… With his dynamic voice and Grade A stage performance, He is bound to be more than a rising star… Check out his new video “Movie Night” off of his album titled “LoveLust” and you be the judge…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 12 – Mr. Medicinal

Guess Who's Back: Shyne

They say image is everything. They say you have to rep where your from and KEEP IT ALL THE WAY 100! They say alot of different things but THEY never say "I got your back when you get out son"... Instead, you get released from jail and picked up by a relative or friend from the old school (who knew you before all the fame and glory) and you have to look to rebuild your life. Shyne has a second chance to shine again but will he make the cut. You be the judge...

Shyne & Young Jeezy Grace XXL’s New Cover [With Video]

“I don’t know whether he was nervous, afraid,” Shyne says of Puffy. “When you’re afraid and you’re emotional, that’s a different survival tactic. Those are the people that do anything, regardless of character and integrity, to preserve and protect themselves, regardless of who they hurt. I guess maybe that was the situation. Never been in a situation like that, where he facing years, and he got hundreds of millions and all that shit at stake. But where I’m from, doesn’t matter. You lose everything for your comrade. Again, if you’re in battle, I’ll catch a bullet, too. It ain’t like, Yo, he’s dead. Don’t make no sense for me to die, too. Nah, I’ma die, too! So you hope or you take for granted that all men are the same. But I know all men are not.”

“I looked at bein’ in the pen for 10 joints as my opportunity to concentrate, to get things in perspective. And I never let it devastate me, although it was devastating, because I never thought I was gonna be in jail for 10 years. I thought I was gon’ make a bail. I thought I was gon’ get my shit reversed. I’m terribly optimistic.”

“I always knew it was a possibility I might be deported. I had lawyers, and I had people with serious relationships working to get me a fuckin’ opportunity to continue my life in the place that raised me and developed me and grew me, after payin’ my debt, ya dig?”

NBA Bound: 8yr Old Basketball Sensation

Rarely do you get to see amazing footage on a child so young doing things that teenagers and adults do in the sport of basketball. Take a look at this 8yr old basketball sensation at the Kobe Bryant 2010 Basketball Camp.

I definitely can't speak for his future but I'm thinking there is definitely a basketball scholarship with his name on it already. The question will only be what University will be able to fit him into their program so he can get a great education and possibly move on to the NBA. You be the judge!

Friday, July 23, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Dondria - Shawty Wus Up (feat. Johntá Austin & Diamond)

Dondria... There are so many ways that I can describe this creative talent. Johnta Austin, well lets just say that he is a great writer and under rated as an artist. Now, when a single drops, I expect certain things from the single: Good quality, good video & the ability to make me move in the club. This song definitely has the ability to make the club|party bounce especially if I got some "Drink In My Cup" (Shameless ELECTRIK RED plug). The video isn't the greatest but I give credit for the effort to create a story line to coincide with the actual song (to many music videos make no attempt to fit the theme of the video with the content of the music). The quality works for current song standards. The lyrics are typical, the hook is catchy, the singing is on point, the production is average but overall it's a single that I can ride to and would ultimately win my purchase. Listen and you be the judge...!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj - Your Love

Nikki Minaj has taken the industry and essentially the world by storm. There is no question that she is definitely impacting music and women in hip-hop with her presence and off awkward style of delivery. I'm sure that her Young-Money Imprint has had to strategically plan out how she would be presented to her audience old and new. Well, let me say that "Your Love" is definitely a cross over record for her by utilizing a very familiar track, decent vocals for the hook and catchy lines on the verses. I've seen many posts about this video and no matter how negative or positive the input, the reality is Nikki Minaj is here to stay as long as she maintains good PR and good music for "ALL" to listen to. You be the Judge!!!